9 September 2015

The Stables team

The team at Ipley Manor Stables includes:
  • Kerry Lemoignan, Stables Manager - Kerry has been at the stables for many years, and manager since 2008.  She is professional, friendly with clients and loves the horses
  • Amy Mehlin, Head Groom - Amy became head groom in 2012.  She has a wealth of experience, and keeps her own horse at the Stables
  • Vicky Cox, Groom - Vicky has worked part-time at the hard work of grooming since 2009; she is always cheerful and courteous
  • Angela Aylett, Accountant and Commercial Manager - Angela has contributed a wealth of business experience to the Stables, and keeps her horse with us.  Regrettably, she left us in September 2015 to live in Herefordshire
  • Nina Clarke, Accountant - Took over the accounting in September 2015 with background in IT and web development.  She also keeps her horse with us